Suppoert Nicola Venske’s Recovery

This is Nicola Venske, she is from Germany and is a missionary to the Indigenous Nations of Australia. Recently Nicola fell from a ladder and broke her kneecap. We would like to provide support for Nicola while her broken knee recovers.

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Welcome to Bottom Ministries

Bottom Ministries is all about going to the bottom of society and serving them, to restore to them the truth about how much they deserve to be loved and cared for, just like any other human being.

Our mission is to provide assistance to causes in need around the world in the way of financial assistance, provisions, medical supplies, special needs projects, training and the facilitation of education and other social needs.

Bottom Ministries’ core value is the Good News of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom on earth, and the principals of love for God and for all people.

Bottom Ministries was formed in order to facilitate opportunities of assistance to people who wish to support these values.

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Adelaide's Homeless

We often think about aid we can provide internationally, but may overlook our own backyard.

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